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ParcelBroker offers what is probably the fastest way to send a parcel to USA! That's a bold statement but you can trust it! Every day we send parcels and ship pallets to the United States of America using our carefully selected delivery partners. However, FedEx can ship to over 22,000 zip codes across the United States and Canada on a blistering fast NEXT DAY DELIVERY BY 10:30am service and our rates start from just £16.44!

With such a vast market to serve, sending parcels to the USA is both a challenging and rewarding market to export to. We've compiled some interesting and useful information for exporters looking to send parcels or goods to the USA.

  • Cheap Parcels To USA

    Sometimes cheap is not synonymous with quality, however Parcel Broker has built its excellent reputation on a solid foundation of exceptional service. We have developed relationships with only the best carriers that we can rely on. So if you are looking for the cheapest way to send a parcel to the USA from UK but do not want to compromise on quality then book your delivery online with us today.

  • Exporting to The United States of America

    As you could have guessed, the United States (US) is the largest economy in the world. They are technologically advanced and host a competitive marketplace too. It's the UK's largest export market and the apparently the fourth easiest country to do business with.

    Since 2011 the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has seen steady and persistent growth of around 1.8% creating a stable economy. A "Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership" (TTIP) between the US and the EU is currently in negotiation and when in force will make export and import between the economic zones much easier. It plans to reduce duties and bring legislations in line to streamline trade and reduce red tape.

    Here are some great reasons you should trade with the USA:

    • It's the biggest market on Earth with the largest private sector.
    • The English language is the primary dialect.
    • Regulatory barriers are low.
    • The USA could provide access to global supply chains to increase export opportunities.
    • The consumer market is innovative, advanced, technical and educated.
    • Business cultures are similar to Europe and the UK.
    • The rule of law is strong.
    • Skilled labour force.

    Of course, as with all countries there are some things you need to be careful of, such as:

    • Be aware of regional/cultural differences across the 50 states.
    • Products and services are saturated causing strong competition.
    • Consumers have high expectations from customer service.
    • Time differences between the US and UK can be 5-8 hours behind GMT.
    • Beware of high levels of vexatious litigation (suing culture).
    • Insurance costs are high.
    • Major cities have a high living cost.
  • Trade info for UK and US

    UK export to the US reached £135 billion in 2012. This is was an increase of 3.6% from the previous year. In 2012, 17% of all exports from the UK ended up in the US. The UK is the biggest foreign investor in the US and vice versa. This relationship supports approx. 1 billion jobs in each country. The TTIP agreement mentioned previously could add as much as £10 billion to the UK, £100 billion for the EU and £80 billion for the US annually.

    Here's a list of top products the US are importing from the UK (as of 2012):

    • Machinery and transport equipment.
    • Chemical products.
    • Mineral fuels and lubricants.
    • Misc. manufactured goods.
    • Commodities.
    • Tobacco and Alcohol.
    • Food and animals.
    • Crude materials.
    • Animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes.
  • VAT in the US and Customs information

    The tax system in the US is pretty complicated! Each state regulates its own level of "Sales Tax" rather than VAT. These taxes could be driven by the government, individual state, a county of that state or even a city in a state!

    As the US is outside the EU, you'll need to prepare customs documentation to ensure the US Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can process your goods and charge the correct amount of duty and sales tax to the US importer. Our system helps you create customs documentation during the booking process but you should where possible include as much information as possible including the harmonized tariff code for your products.

    To classify your goods, you can use the UK Trade Tariff here: https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff/sections.

    Your recipient in the US will be liable for any import duty and sales tax levied by US customs. This is because all our export services are sent on a "Delivered at Place" (DAP) incoterm unless otherwise arranged in writing. All our services to the USA include door to door shipping and customs clearance submission by our carriers. Your recipient can choose to nominate their own customs clearance broker who can help them with federal procedures and submit information and payment to CBP if they wish.

    To ensure safe and timely transit of your consignment, you should make sure you know which US regulations apply to your products and label your parcels correctly.

    Here are some resources for the main federal agencies in the US:

    The USA.gov website has a full list of US federal agencies.

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