Congratulations, You've Helped #FeedGreece

Thank you so much for helping make a difference to the people of Greece. They have been struck by hard times and you can rest assured knowing that your contribution to this campaign will go directly to help the thousands of people struggling with everyday life.

All that is left to do now is to wait for your label (a notification will be sent to ). Once received simply print and attach to your parcel. The delivery driver will collect on between 9am and 5pm.

Your order number is and you were sender ! Please help spread the word about this campaign and share with as many friends/family/businesses/groups/clubs online and offline as possible and help achieve our 500 goal target -

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Any problems or questions please feel free to get in touch.

Many thanks

ParcelBroker & Desmos

Please note: This campaign has now ended. Thank you for taking part.

Help #FeedGreece

With unemployment rates in Greece unlikely to drop soon and 3 million living on, or below, the poverty line, it’s about time there was an easy way to lend a helping hand. ParcelBroker have teamed up with Greek charity Desmos to allow you to send care packages completely FREE.

The campaign is designed to enable people to send a package of food weighing up to 10kgs to Greek charity Desmos. The charity will then distribute the care packages to families in need of them. We are sending up to 500 parcels so if you want to take part in this be sure to get your parcel together quickly and follow the steps below to be a part of the project.

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If you have been paying attention to the media lately you will have noticed Greece has fallen upon hard times. 26% of Greece’s workforce is unemployed, 30% of its people below the poverty line, 17% unable to meet their daily food needs and 3.1 million without health insurance.

The number of families stating that their situation is 'very difficult' has risen. Inability to cope with unexpected financial expenses has increased by almost 60 per cent, on average, in households with children. Such changes have huge consequences for the young. Children feel anxious and stressed when parents endure unemployment or income loss, and they suffer family downturns in subtle and painfully evident ways.

Since 2008, the percentage of households with children that are unable to afford healthy, full and nutritious meals has more than doubled in Greece.

The longer the people of Greece remain trapped in the cycle of poverty, the harder it will be for them to escape.

That's why we need YOU.

ParcelBroker,a UK based parcel delivery company have teamed up with Desmos (Δεσμός), a Greek charity focusing on providing products and services to meet the basic needs of vulnerable groups and individuals, to allow you to send a food parcel weighing up to 10kgs completely FREE.

Every donation helps feed those in Greece who cannot afford to buy groceries, feeding families with children and those in dire need of our help.

Even if you cannot donate, please SHARE this page in the hope that somebody who sees this will, the people of Greece need us.

Why not join the others and help by sending your parcel today?

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1) What can I send?

You simply need to raid your cupboards for any items that you think might help. All food stuffs must be non-perishable such as:

Types of items you CAN send:

Rice, Pasta, Tinned Fish/Meats, Dried Meat, Lentils, Beans, Nuts, Tinned Fruit/Veg, Oats, Cereals, Soups, Flour, Anything that is non perishable and not past its sell by date.

Types of items you CAN'T send:

Chocolate, Crisps, Fresh Fruit/Veg, Raw Meats, Perishable Goods, Junk Food, Non Food Items.

2) How do I package my items?

Once you have your items that you wish to send to Greece, simply find a box no bigger than 32cm x 32cm x 32cm (We recommend a shoe box or something similar) and place your items neatly in the box.

Make sure the items are secure (if needed newspaper or bubble wrap can be used) and tape the box shut!

3) Arrange collection

Once you have entered your collection address we will generate you a label that you must PRINT and attach to your parcel.

We come and collect your items from the address you specify. Please note that collections take place any time between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday.

It's as easy as that.

Please note: Restriction of 1 parcel per household applies in order to give everyone a fair chance to take part.

Thank you to everyone that participated.