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C'ead Mile Failte (a thousand welcomes) to our dedicated page for sending parcels to Ireland! Sending a parcel to Ireland is a doddle with ParcelBroker. We ship to both Northern and Southern Ireland (or Eire) on a daily basis so if you are looking for cheap parcel delivery to Ireland ParcelBroker has the best rates.

No matter how big or small your parcels are we have a carrier that will take care of your goods and get them delivered on time. Anything you send is trackable online in real time so you always know the status of your delivery. We also have a friendly UK based customer service team that waiting to help you arrange your deliveries.

Ireland is one of the most popular first steps a UK mainland business can take to expand their customer base. Along with shipping parcels and pallets, we can also arrange for imports and returns back to the mainland using our online booking portal.

We offer a next day delivery service to most of Northern Ireland from just £8.99 and a two day service from just £14.49 to most of Southern Ireland. If you need an urgent delivery, then we can ship overnight to most major towns and in Southern Ireland too.

Below we've given you some great information about exporting to the Emerald Isle and some useful tips on decoding their interesting address formats as Southern Ireland doesn't have any postcodes.

  • Summary

    Ireland imports more from the UK than any other country in the world. They're our fifth largest export market and we account for 34% of the total imports into Ireland. Just to give you an idea of the scale, in 2012 the trade from the UK to Ireland for products and services was a staggering £27 billion!

    Ireland tops the list for our export markets for food and drink, followed by fashion (clothes and shoes). Bilateral trade between the UK and Ireland stands at £1 billion per week, so we're also importing plenty from Ireland.

    UK mainland businesses have some great benefits from trading and exporting to Ireland:

    • They speak English (always handy).
    • There is no difference in time so you can co-operate during the same business hours.
    • Our couriers have great transport links with the ferries and close proximity for overnight air transport.
    • There are plenty of cheap ways to travel and meet with your customers.
    • The legal and regulatory framework is similar to the UK.
    • It's a great market to test export.
    • The consumer market is educated and used to the quality and importation of British goods.
    • The Euro (for Southern Ireland) can be transferred by SEPA and BACS bank transfer to save on costs.

    If you are having success with your business in the UK, then there is a very high chance you'll also be successful in the Irish market. However, be mindful of the following:

    • Ireland's economic situation is improving but they have had a challenging time recently.
    • There has been an overall decline in disposable income for Irish families.
    • Consumer confidence is unsettled.
    • You would be competing against an established domestic market.
    • Costs of trading with Ireland will be higher than the UK.
  • Trade info for UK and Ireland

    In 2013 the UK accounted for £19 billion in exported goods to Ireland.

    Here's a list of top products Ireland are importing from the UK:

    • Petroleum and related products.
    • Natural Gas.
    • Medicine and pharmaceuticals.
    • Clothes, shoes and fashion.
    • Perfume, deodorants and oils.
    • Electrical parts and machinery.
    • Vehicles.
    • Cereals.
    • Telecoms and audio recording devices.
  • VAT in Ireland and Customs Information

    There are several rates of VAT in Ireland and pretty much all products and services are subject to it.

    Some common VAT rates include:

    • Standard rate 23%.
    • 13.5% to labour services.
    • 9% for tourism.
    • 4.8% to livestock.
    • 0% for services provided which are in the public interest, eg childcare, education, medicines.

    As the UK is a member of the "Internal Single EU market" goods and services attract no import duties and allow free movement! This is great news for UK exporters as sending to Ireland is just as easy in most cases as shipping a parcel or pallet within the UK!

Send a parcel to Ireland with Parcel Broker and get discounted parcel delivery from some of the world's largest delivery companies. Sending a parcel has never been easier with our simple online booking system. Enter your parcel dimensions and weight and then choose from a wide range of options which can all be booked online. If you need help then our customer service team are on hand to make sending a parcel as simple as possible.

If you want to send a parcel to Ireland then we have some of the best deals available online. If you send a parcel to Ireland via Parcel Broker you will be able to use our real time online tracking so you always know the status of your delivery. We also offer same day collection so if you need to send a parcel in a hurry we've got you covered.

Parcel Broker provide multi carrier parcel delivery services so you can take advantage of cheap parcel delivery to Ireland whilst safe in the knowledge that you are getting a the highest levels of customer support.