Real Time Delivery Quotes API


This API is used to lookup a list of shipping rates for parcels and pallets. The results are ordered from the cheapest delivery option to other specialist delivery services tht are available.

  • Request


    The Schema for this API can be downloaded from here.

    Element Req Description
    <header>YesHolder for header element.
    <apikey>YesThis is the APIKey as provided by ParcelBroker.
    <key>YesThis is your Public Key that use use to create the <token> value.
    <token>YesSHA1 hash of "SharedSecret_PublicKey".
    <uniqueid>YesA unique ID for every successful request. Duplicate requests with the same ID will be rejected.
    <shipment>YesHolder for shipment element.
    <type>YesPossible values are DOCUMENT, PARCEL, PALLET.
    <collection>YesHolder for collection address.
    <town>YesThe collection town.
    <postcode>YesThe collection postcode.
    <countrycode>YesThe collection country code. Please see here for possible values.
    <destination>YesHolder for destination address.
    <town>YesThe destination town.
    <postcode>YesThe destination postcode.
    <countrycode>YesThe destination country code. Please see here for possible values.
    <parcels>YesHolder for parcels.
    <parcel>YesHolder for a parcel (Can have more than 1).
    <weight>YesThe weight in KG.
    <length>YesThe length in CM.
    <width>YesThe width in CM.
    <height>YesThe height in CM.
  • Response


    The Success response status returns a list of services. Each service is comprised of the following:

    Element Description
    <service>Holder for service element.
    <id>This is the ID of this service.
    <hash>Hash identifying this service.
    <name>This is the name of the service.
    <cutoff>This is the cutoff time for the collection postcode.
    <printer>Flag to indicate whether a printer is required.
    <business_only>Flag to indicate that this service can only be delivered to a business premises.
    <type>Indicates how the service operates. Possible values are ROAD, AIR, OTHER.
    <messages>Any service messages for this carrier, can contain 0 or more message elements.
    <customs>Indicates whether this carrier/country requires any customs paperwork. Valid values are "required", "optional", "false". Required indicates that the carrier requires paperwork when calling the booking API, optional means that the country requires paperwork but does not need to be sent with the booking API.
    <price>The users base net price.
    <vatrate>The VAT rate for this service.
    <surcharge>A list of surcharges for this service, there can be multiple of these elements.
    <net>The users net price including surcharges.
    <vat>The VAT charged.
    <total>The total price to the user including all charges and VAT.
  • Along with the common response codes this API has the following:
    Code Reason
    155Missing address data information.
    160Incorrect or missing parcel data.
    180No services returned.
  • Test Cases

    This section gives you some data that you can use for testing purposes.

    • Remote Area Surcharges

      Some carriers have a surcharge for remote areas. You can use the following data to return services that have remote areas applied:

      Delivery Address: UK - Scottish Highlands & Islands (UK_SH), Town: KIRKWALL, Postcde: KW151NF

      Delivery Address: Italy (IT), Town: Badia al Pino, Postcode: 52041

    • Customs Clearance Surcharge

      Some carriers have a surcharge for customs clearance.

      Delivery Address: Andorra (AD), Town: Principat d'Andorra, Postcde: AD-500

      Delivery Address: Switzerland (CH), Town: Zürich, Postcde: 8003