Parcel and Pallet Booking API


This API is used to make a bookings and collection requests on the ParcelBroker system. This API can be used for single shipments, multi-parcel bookings or pallet collections.

  • Request

    Please note the all data needs to be UTF-8 encoded. So for example the string
    <line1>Ågatan 11</line1> should be <line1>&#197;gatan 11</line1>


    The Schema for this API can be downloaded here: Download Booking Schema.

    Element Req Description
    <header>YesHolder for header element.
    <apikey>YesThis is the APIKey as provided by ParcelBroker.
    <key>YesThis is your Public Key that use use to create the <token> value.
    <token>YesSHA1 hash of "SharedSecret_PublicKey".
    <uniqueid>YesA unique ID for every successful request. Duplicate requests with the same ID will be rejected.
    <shipment>YesHolder for shipment element.
    <test>NoIndicates that this order is a test order.
    <rate_id>YesThe rate ID as obtained from the Rates API.
    <hash>YesHash for this service as obtained from the Rates API.
    <customref>YesYour reference for this shipment.
    <contents>YesDescription of shipment contents.
    <estvalue>YesThe estimated value of the shipment in GBP.
    <liability>YesWhether liability is required. If true then 2% of estvalue will be added your order.
    <type>YesPossible values are DOCUMENT, PARCEL, PALLET.
    <collection>YesHolder for collection address.
    <name>YesThe collection persons name.
    <company>YesThe collection company (if applicable).
    <phone>YesThe collection phone number.
    <email>NoThe collection email address.
    <line1>YesThe collection address line 1.
    <line2>YesThe collection address line 2.
    <line3>YesThe collection address line 3.
    <town>YesThe collection town/city.
    <county>YesThe collection county/state.
    <postcode>YesThe collection postcode.
    <countrycode>YesThe collection country code. Please click here for country codes.
    <destination>YesHolder for destination address.
    <name>YesThe destination persons name.
    <company>YesThe destination company (if applicable).
    <phone>YesThe destination phone number.
    <email>NoThe destination email address.
    <line1>YesThe destination address line 1.
    <line2>YesThe destination address line 2.
    <line3>YesThe destination address line 3.
    <town>YesThe destination town/city.
    <county>YesThe destination county/state.
    <postcode>YesThe destination postcode.
    <countrycode>YesThe destination country code. Please click here for country codes.
    <parcels>YesHolder for parcels.
    <parcel>YesHolder for a parcel (Can have more than 1).
    <weight>YesThe weight in KG.
    <length>YesThe length in CM.
    <width>YesThe width in CM.
    <height>YesThe height in CM.
    <packaging>YesThis indicates the main type of outer packaging, valid values are CARD, METAL, PLASTIC, OTHER.
    <pickup>YesHolder for pick up type and details. Can be one of the following:.
    <date>ChoiceTo request a collection from the carrier on the specified date. Format is YYYY-MM-DD
    <dropoff>ChoiceIf the customer is going to drop the shipment at a local service point.
    <today>ChoiceIf the booking should be added to other collections already requested today. This is dependant on the cut off times as obtained via Rates API and whether the driver has already collected from the premises.
    <daily>ChoiceIf the customer has a daily collection, this shipment will be added to their next collection.
    <customs>Yes/NoHolder for customs.
    <type>Yes/NoCan be either PROFORMA or COMMERCIAL.
    <sendervat>Yes/NoSenders VAT/EORI Number (if applicable).
    <receivervat>Yes/NoThe receivers VAT or Personal ID number.
    For Gilbrator and Canary Islands this is known as the recipients CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal) or NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal)
    For Brazil this is known as the recipients Tax ID number (for companies) or CPF number (for individuals).
    For Norway this is known as the recipients VAT number (for companies) or Personal ID number (for individuals)
    <com>Yes/NoThis is the two letter country code that identifies the Country of Manufacture (CoM). For items that have multiple countries please use XX
    <reason>Yes/NoThe main reason for export. Can be any of the following values: SALE, GIFT, PERSONAL, DOCUMENTS, SAMPLE, REPAIR, REPLACEMENT, STOCK
    <contents>Yes/NoHolder for detailed description of contents.
    <content>Yes/NoFor each type of item/product in the shipment a new content element should be included.
    <description>Yes/NoA description of the contents.
    <quantity>Yes/NoThe item quantity.
    <value>Yes/NoThe individual quantity value in 0.00 format.
    <label>NoThe output format for the labels. Valid values are A4 or THERMAL. Default is A4 as some carrier do not have thermal compatible variations.
  • Response


    The Success response status returns an order number along with the final cost, including all surcharges and additional items:

    Element Description
    <shipment>Holder for service element.
    <ordernumber>This is the order number for this booking.
    <net>This is the net cost of the order.
    <tax>This is the tax for this order.